The start of the month of the July was marked with an audience with H.E Choskyong Palga Rinpoche and an interactive session afterward, mainly focusing on the General Introduction to Indian Classical tradition-Nalanda Philosophy. This event was witnessed at the, Youth Cultural Centre, Raku House, Ladakh, as a resuming event called the ‘Sunday Philosophy and Meditation class”.  It was brought to the success of the event with the people being joined from various places-from USA to Israel to Australia to different parts of India and many locals were joined as well making up to about 30 people in total.

H.E Choskyong Palga Rinpoche was welcomed by the organisation’s General Secretary Lobsang wangmu. The event was started at 10 AM with the brief introduction of the Organisation-Flowering Dharma by one of its intern Tsering Palmo. Flowering Dharma is the organiser of the current event and has been working with the preservation of the Ladakhi Culture and Traditions and the very own Nalanda Philosophy of India for the past nine years now. This was later followed by another intern Ngawang Tselha giving a brief introduction of the speaker, H.E. Rinpoche.

H.E  Rinpoche started the session by asking how many of the people from the audience were new to the study of Nalanda Philosophy, for which few people has raised their hands. He went on to describe the three basic school of thought of Buddhism which has flourished around the different regions of the world, emphasising on different aspects and focus of it.  Such as Theraveda, Mahayana and the Vajrayana.  According to him an individual has to think about others and not about self, it is important to have an inward approach than an outward worldly approach. Words such as Compassion, Loving and kindness has filled the atmosphere of the room by such calmness and tranquillity which brought about immense sense of peacefulness in the room which is by sure, felt by everyone present in the room.

A short but a meaningful time was dedicated for meditation during which H.E taught how to keep the body posture while meditating, which is the first step but the most important to be considered before one could start and get intoxicated by the essence of the meditation. After one and half hour of the talk session, the duration of half an hour question and answer session was conducted with the great and analytical questions from the audiences which made the session interesting and interactive while knowledgeable as well.

The event was ended with the warm words of thanks by an intern of the NGO, Simran Thomas. The people attended had a very good reaction towards the day’s event. Henry of the local Futures has said that, “I am truly honoured to have attended this event and surprised and happy that such a fully ordained monk, could speak in such good fluency of English and great humours to bring in amidst the teaching”. The event was much appreciated to be held further in futures by three tourists from USA who were deeply moved by the teachings of H.E. Rinpoche and have said to enjoyed the session remarkably. The philosophy and Meditation class would be conducted on every Sunday at Youth Cultural Centre, Raku House till the month of September and people are warmly requested to attend the event.




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