About Us

About Us

Flowering Dharma (for Education, Ethics, Culture, and Change) is a youth initiative. Our vision is to instill virtues of compassion and ethics to preserve the culture and tradition. We aim to create a common platform to share and learn the different aspects of each other’s culture to strengthen the sense of shared common humanity.  Our goal is also to promote the practice of study and reflection in the areas of convergence and divergence between the philosophical stances and modern science. Thus lending a helping hand towards nourishing a healthy mind with its roots in wisdom and compassion.

Flowering Dharma was conceived in the year 2009 by the collective efforts of the students from Ladakh studying in various colleges of Delhi University with the aim to keep the sense of community alive in the big city and later grew to accommodate peers from rest of the country and beyond. Currently we are based in Raku House which is a century old traditional heritage  structure in Leh-Ladakh and our activities and members expands to six regions across the country including Ladakh, Jammu, Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh with the plans to bridge pan Himalayan region.


Aims & Objectives

  1. To organize conferences, seminars and workshops concerning Environmental Issues, Educational Development, Cultural Preservation, Scientific & Ethical Education.
  2. Development of the Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas.
  3. To preserve the Old Classical India culture and tradition.
  4. To renovate old Traditional Houses and Restoration of Heritage Sites.
  5. To preserve and promote the Culture and Language of the Himalayn Region.
  6. To work on Ecology, protect Local Environment and Wildlife.
  7. To work on Educational Development.
  8. To preserve Buddhist & Tibetan Art & Culture.
  9. To preserve culture through Museum, Theatres & Audio Visuals.
  10. To emphasize on ethics and to promote religious Harmony.
  11. To generate employment through skill development training and to emphasize on self-reliance.
  12. To empower youth through leadership training and skills development training.
  13. To organize educational tours, study exchange programmes and certificates courses.
  14. To strengthen National Integrity and Peace.
  15. To Strengthen the Unity and brotherhood within Arunachal Pradesh, then within the Nation and the World among different communities, religious background, sects, different tribes and gender.
  16. To stress on Modern Education and Education on Mind training.
  17. To promote Mental and Physical Exercise like Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga respectively.
  18. To promote education related to Philosophy, Psychology and Modern Science.
  19. Providing Scholarship to students studying in the field of Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Ecology and Modern Science in order to strengthen the Universal Brotherhood and Peace.
  20. To promote Secular Ethics & Harmony mainly within major Religious Traditions in the State i.e. Hindu Community, Muslim Community, Buddhist Community, Christian Community and the Non Believers.
  21. To emphasize on the study of Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology, Islamic Studies and Christian Philosophy purely based on non-religious sentiments and politics.
  22. To avoid violence and to promote the message of love and compassion

After a decade we endeavor to fulfill four major commitments

1.Promotion of Ancient Indian Wisdom Tradition 2.Confluence for Universal Ethics 3.Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas  4.Protecting Environment and the Economy

The four commitments of the organization allows us to achieve the following objectives- 1. Education and Ethics 2. Indian Wisdom Tradition-3. Arts, Language and Cultural Heritage- 4. Mindfulness and Wellbeing 5. Economy and Ecology 6. Peace and Interfaith 7. Youth Empowerment. 8. Community Building

Today the organization is working to realize our dream project of establishing an International Institute for Culture and Ethics. This project will also digitalize the works and materials available on Classical Indian Wisdom Traditions. The resources will then be published online in the form of structured classes and courses for the students across the globe.

Over the years we have had a good fortune to work with some of the esteemed institutions and organizations which played a major role in our evolution for which we are truly grateful to them.

Ministry of Culture, Government of India-Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Tibet House, Cultural Centre of HH the Dalai Lama- Central Institute for Buddhist Studies- Department of Karmik and Adhyatmik Affairs, Government of Arunachal Pradesh- Library of Tibetan Works and Archives- University of Delhi and so forth.