vision and mission

four commitments

We are an organization envisions instilling the virtues of ethics and morality. The prime focus is on the youth; introducing and exposing them to the various philosophical backgrounds, and the study and reflection in the areas of convergence and divergence between these philosophical stances and modern science lends a good hand in nourishing a healthy mind with its roots in wisdom and compassion

We are Non Profit, Non Religious Organization

What We Do?

Education & Ethics

Compassion and [Universal] Ethics based approach to reform education system in Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Wisdom Tradition

Exploring and bridging the gap between ancient Wisdom tradition and Modern Science.

Arts, Language & Cultural Heritage

Preserving the Himalayan Culture of kindness and compassion reflected in the life and habits of its people.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Practice for a healthy mind grounded in introspection, reflection and meditation.

Economy & Ecology

To diagnose the intersections between economic and ecological crises for an all-encompassing perspective to explore meaningful solutions.

Peace & Interfaith

A celebration and confluence of art, culture, ideas and diversity.

Youth Empowerment

Inspiring the future generation towards creation of a holistic society.

Community Building

Creating a space for individuals to engage and contribute towards building a better world.



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