Yoga at Raku House

Yoga Classes Begin at Y.C.C.

Where there’s Sky Above, Earth Below and Peace Within
The morning of 18 th June, 2018 saw the start of Yoga classes at Youth Cultural Center,
Raku house with enthusiastic yoga beginners turning up at the restored heritage home.
These classes are being conducted by Yuji, who is a certified Ashtanga teacher. He is
originally from Japan and has received training in various parts of India. Having taught
throughout the world for over 7 years, he is truly a citizen of the world. He is presently
teaching at Youth Cultural Center, Raku house for the next three months.
Monday’s yoga session boasts of having people from all walks of life- all around the
globe; from Korea – to local-lites. The turn out of over fifteen people included first time
beginners and practicisng yoga teachers. The session was started with the traditional
Surya Namaskar and proceeded to flow with the other Ashtanga Yoga Assanas.
To encourage further interaction between the students, complimentary tea was provided
by the center and a discussion followed – wherein people spoke of their personal
journeys with yoga and the time they spent in Leh.
Yuji, the teacher stated that, “The body and mind’s shift towards a healthy lifestyle is
one of the main reasons he practices yoga daily and he’s delighted to see so many
people come for the class as it reflects a positive change in their lifestyle and
The yoga classes are a daily occurrence and start at eight in the morning.
As the saying goes, ‘Yoga is not about touching the toes, it’s about the journey on the
way down.


Alphonso Sapling

Alphonso Sapling


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