The Youth Cultural Center opens for the season

The Youth Cultural center, an initiative by the Flowering Dharma Center resumed its activities for the year 2018-2019 on the 20th of May,2018 with its Sunday Meditation and Philosophy class which began at 10:00 am and continued till 12:00 pm.

The introductory Meditation and Philosophy class consisted of topics relating to the history of Indian Philosophical traditions specifically ‘The Nalanda Philosophical tradition’, its importance and why it should be preserved. The session ended with a few minutes of meditation.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Tashi Namgyal, Director of Flowering Dharma said “The Meditation and Philosophy classes will continue every Sunday until September and will cover various topics in relation to ‘The Nalanda Philosophical tradition”.

Later in the evening at around 5:00 pm, Youth Cultural Centre had 14 visitors from Bates College in Maine (New York) for the screening of ‘Shepherdess of the Glacier’, a renowned Ladakhi documentary based on the tough life of a shepherdess named Tsering, Mr. Stanzin Gya’s sister. Mr. Stanzin Gya who is the maker of the documentary was also present at the screening. He gave a brief introduction about the inspiration behind the movie and how much of a value it has for him.

After the end of the screening, Mr. Gya also indulged in a Q&A session with the students.

“My sister thinks of herself as a very normal human and asked me why I wanted to film her when all she had for me was her stick and her basket. She was not aware of the lesson that I learnt from her, a lesson of courage, strength and pure compassion”.


—-Stanzin Gya




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