Geshe Thupten Loden spoke on “The Symbolism of Mandala” at Youth Cultural Center, Ladakh.

 “The Symbolism of Mandala” at Youth Cultural Center, Ladakh.  15th July 2018

The series of Sunday meditation and Philosophy class at Youth Cultural Centre (Raku house), organized every Sunday by Flowering Dharma was graced by Geshe Thupten Loden as the speaker on 15th of July, 2018. Geshe Thupten Loden was invited from Drepung Loseling Monastery in   Karnataka. Geshe Loden hails from the Tibetan Settlement in Ladakh and has been the spokeperson of the Mystical arts of Tibet for the past several years and has travelled around the places of North America, Mexico and Canada regarding the same. This Sunday, at Youth Cultural Center, Geshe la graciously shared his wisdom on the topic “Symbolism of Mandala”.

The event witnessed a large number of audience and people from different walks of life from different parts of India as well as from different parts of the world.  Geshe loden enlightened us with the description and the meaning behind every detail of the Mandala. The class was even more visualizing with the power point presentation. He started the class with the general meaning of the Mandala, word borrowed from Sanskrit meaning centre and surrounding. Mandala in simple words is the mansion where the Buddha abides. It is not simple as it looks, the materials which has been used, the structure in which it was drawn and the meaning behind has much importance than what people usually thinks Mandala to be.  People assembled were thrilled with the class on the Symbolism of Mandala with the great interactive question and answer session afterwards.

Geshe la was very much captivated with what the Flowering Dharma as a NGO has been doing and hence have postponed his ticket and stayed back few more days to bless us with the knowledge about the Mandala. He said, “The things that flowering dharma is doing to revive and preserve the Indian Classical Philosophy-Nalanda tradition of India has to be much appreciated and the fact that this NGO is solely run by the youth is even more heartwarming.”  He added, “His Holiness the Dalai Lama always stresses on studying and promoting the Indian classical thought that us the Nalanda Tradition. And we should all support such groups working for the promotion of such an enlightening culture. “

The Event ended with vote of thanks and was continued with individual discussion with Geshela over tea. The team of Flowering Dharma and the whole of the audience were thankful of Geshe Thupten Loden la for gracing the day with such impactful and illuminating us with the knowledge of Mandala.




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