14/06/2018 at 12:00 AM Youth Cultura Centre (Raku) Leh (J&K) COMING SOON

Mindful Future 2018 – 3 Days Residential Workshop in Leh

The aim of the three-day workshop is to raise awareness among Ladakhi youth about the importance of strengthening local economy and culture, and to inspire them to explore alternative social and economic models that serve the interests of people and the planet. The workshop will also provide a platform for genuine inter-cultural dialogue between Ladakhis and foreign participants. We will begin with an assessment of the contemporary problems faced by Ladakh, and explore the region´s traditional culture and wisdoms, shedding light on the causes of these problems, as well as drawing lessons from Ladakh´s past for its future.

On the second day, we will expand the scope of the workshop to analyse global trends, illuminating the systemic roots of the problems faced not only by Ladakh, but in many parts of the globe. We will debate the benefits and pitfalls of modern development and the corporate global economy, and work to self-determine what ´development´ and ´progress´ should mean for our own communities, including incorporating the lessons of Indian philosophy in modern-day culture.

On the final day, we will explore innovative alternatives that support community and planetary wellbeing, arising at the grassroots both within Ladakh and in countries around the world. We wish to familiarise ourselves with the policy measures being taken to secure a sustainable future for Ladakh, for example with respect to local culture, economy and environment. The workshop will culminate in the exploration of creative strategies for addressing the issues discussed over the three-days.

  • Mindful Futures Workshop
  • Exploring Healthy Alternatives for Ladakh and Beyond
  • 13th to 16th of July, Raku House, Leh


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