Chief Executive Councillor Leh visited the Leh Centre

The directors of the Flowering Dharma and the members along with the interns visited Mr. Dorjey Mutup, the Chief Executive Councillor, on 16th july, 2018. The meeting was mainly held for the purpose of discussing the possibilities of acquiring land for the future project, “Ladakh International Cultural Centre”.

The CEC expressed his support by visiting the Youth Cultural Centre, Raku House. He has appreciated the works that the Flowering Dharma as a NGO is doing to preserve the Classical Indian Philosophy- Nalanda Tradition and the local ladakh culture and traditions which has helped ladakh sustain on its own for many centuries. Flowering Dharma mostly focuses on the youth of the times to bring them on the right track through organizing various workshops and cup talks supported by the Ministry of Culture and Khentse Foundation.




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