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Youth Cultural Center, an initiative of Flowering Dharma was conceptualized with an aim to create a space for the youth of Ladakh to come together and share ideas that would help preserve Ladakhi culture, by finding a balance between tradition and modernity.

At present the Youth Cultural Center is located at Raku House, Main Tukcha just 15 minute walk away from Leh Bazaar. The Raku House is a 150 year old structure, a fine example of traditional Ladakhi architecture. The current center houses a multipurpose hall, a library, a guest room, kitchen, souvenir gallery and an office.

However the present location of the center has been given on lease to the Flowering Dharma Center by the Raku Family for a period of five years, 2016-2020. And since its inception, the center has been dedicated in organizing programs and activities such as –

  • Workshops
  • Cup Talks- A series of talk on topics related to Ladakh and the Himalayas.
  • Tour of the center- dedicated to spread awareness on the History of region and relevance and importance of Ladakhi traditional knowledge and values in contemporary world.
  • Movie Screenings
  • Yoga Classes
  • Zero Waste Ladakh- an effort taken in the direction to protect the fragile environment by cutting down and recycling the waste generated in the center.

As the lease period of the Raku House in Main Tukcha will expire in three years’ time, finding a new site for the Youth Cultural Centre is of utmost importance and having the experience of working with youth for almost a decade now, we understand the necessity of such centers. Youth Cultural Centre is the first and one of its kinds in Ladakh. It gives a platform to the youth to reflect on ones’ culture and to start to a dialogue and interact with others taking cue from these discussions, which is extremely important towards the creation of a healthy society.

  • To create a center for learning and sharing of knowledge.
  • To engage the youth in preserving and promoting culture.
  • To promote the culture of Kindness and Compassion

Flowering Dharma plans to establish a new Youth Cultural Center which will be bigger in both its size and operation.  Keeping up with our vision of promotion and preservation of our culture the new center will be built using traditional methods and techniques, which also is a step towards causing minimum detriment to the environment.

All the facilities at the current centre like library, multipurpose hall, guest room, kitchen, café, will be upgraded to accommodate more people along with new additions such as more classrooms, administrative blocks, parking, out-door activities area and so on.  We will also be employing more people at the center for its smooth and regular functioning.

With a bigger center we will also be able to conduct and organize programs for the outstation participants and provide accommodation and other facilities. And have a dedicated full time teacher along with visiting speakers, so the center will be fully functional even during the winters. Introducing various certificate and diploma courses is also a plan.

We don’t just intend to stick to our layout of programs but with the bigger space we also wish to widen our scope of activities. The Youth Cultural Center will be Center for Research and Training as well for which we are planning to stock our library and archives, get experts from various fields onboard for a more interdisciplinary approach for understanding and many such plans which will only come to fruition once we have a bigger space to execute it.


  • 5 Classrooms for classes and workshops.
  • Workspaces for teaching
  • Research and publication department
  • Hall for conferences and other events
  • Museum and gallery space
  •  Library & archives (documentation)
  • Administrative block
  • Accommodation block
  • Cafe for staff, students and visitors
  • Cafeteria for staff and students
  • Multi-functional open spaces
  • Parking

Establishing such a space which aims to be an all comprehensive center of learning, research and training requires enormous funds and it is unlikely that the all the assistance required  will come from a single source. Therefore, all the assistance including the monetary needs are split into smaller parts and presented in a more digestible form.


The most urgent and foremost requirement for our project is  “land allotment”. The LAHDC has very graciously accepted to allot Flowering Dharma a plot of land under their jurisdiction once the job of identifying the suitable and available plot is carried out.

Keeping the scale of our project in mind, we will require at least an area of 15 Acers for our project to pan out according to the intended plan. Also it would be preferable if the location of the plot will be  closer or in the vicinity of the Leh Town for easier commute and transportation and accessibility.

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