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Apart from being this awesome community, we also offer other services

  • Travel: You can travel with us to the mesmerizing and mystical region of Ladakh. A place like nowhere else. For decades Ladakh has been enticing people from all around the world with its colorful culture, history, people and ever so spell bounding landscape. Ladakh has so much to offer. So come and experience Ladakh with us. It will be a trip to remember! more>>
  • Stay in Ladakh: When in Ladakh , you need not worry about finding a hotel or a guest house. We offer you comfortable, cozy, clean and affordable staying options. To make your time in Ladakh, a memorable one. more>>
  • Website Designing: Duo Design, a freelance web designing company, assures you to help you with all your web designing needs and queries. Duo Design can assist you in creating a website for yourself/ business/institution and so on with many attractive features customized to your needs and requirements. more>>
  • Shopping: You can even purchase products like Pure Ladakhi Pashmina Shawls, antiques, authentic Ladakhi Handloom & Handicrafts,…………. From our store and online as well.* more>>
  • Management & Branding

*part of the earnings will be utilized to sustain Flowering Dharma Centre, Confluence and its various activities.

Visit www.alphonsoclub.com for more information


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